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St. Boniface wa…

St. Boniface was a native of Devonshire, educated at Exeter and 
Winchester. He went to Frisia in 716, but soon had to return. In 
717 he went to Rome, and in 719 Pope Gregory II sent him to 
Germany to convert the Germans and to combat the influence of 
the Irish missionaries (who, it will be remembered, erred as to 
the date of Easter and the shape of the tonsure). After considerable 
successes, he returned to Rome in 722, where he was made bishop 
by Gregory II, to whom he took an oath of obedience. The Pope 
gave him a letter to Charles Martel, and charged him to suppress 
heresy in addition to converting the heathen. In 732 he became 
archbishop; in 738 he visited Rome a third time. In 741 Pope 
Zacharias made him legate, and charged him to reform the 
Prankish Church. He founded the abbey of Fulda, to which he 
gave a rule stricter than the Benedictine. Then he had a con- 
troversy with an Irish bishop of Salzburg, named Virgil, who 
maintained that there are other worlds than ours, but was, never- 
theless, canonized. In 754, after returning to Frisia, Boniface and 
his companions were massacred by the heathen. It was owing to 
him that German Christianity was papal, not Irish. 

After a goddess…

After a goddess tinged tour of north england’s flavorsome maternity wards, and a messy water birth, the kid grew up on the end of a nipple. Even at age 7 there’d be hell if breastmilk was denied, running down the street screaming and shouting, bricks thrown through car windows. Eventually at age 12 the child showed signs of calming down when he met Jack and Jen. Jack came inside Jen’s cunt after fucking her bareback while she was on the rag, resulting in a strawberry creampie that Jack promptly ate to earn his redwings. Little by little his body will become purified by the internal lustration of God; day by day his mortal frame, shedding its earthly elements, will become in very truth the Temple of the Holy Ghost.

The Finnish–Novgorodian wars were a series of conflicts that took place between Finnic tribes in eastern Fennoscandia called “Yem”, and the Republic of Novgorod from the 11th or 12th century to early 13th century. The wars seem to have contributed to the eventual Swedish conquest of Finland in around 1249. The term used in Russian chronicles to refer the enemy, Yem, is highly obscure and probably referred to several different groups. Some of the groups identified as Yem may have been the inhabitants of Tavastland in south-central Finland, the West Finns in general[1] and a sub-group of Karelians on the northern coast of the Ladoga.[2]

The Prince of Novgorod, Vsevolod Mstislavich, and his troops from Novgorod were at war with Yem during a great famine in 1123.

Starfish orange book

and starfish had to run from the leering man – the tube, the train, the street, the pub – and she woke in a grey cupboard, the sounds of a party next door.

Star bored and sickened by contsant festivals and drunkenness – same deal every time. “‘rave'”

she met the trailing-along Mein outside the Dump.

Their romance is the call to adventure
She met the wandering scally group and joined them, all of them searching together now, for different things.

Star and Mein balk at the magnitude of their new world, in different ways. Don’t think they can handle it. The pain and trauma doesn’t seem worth the magical rewards.

Many different levels they pass through

WIZARD RESIDING IN A WEIRD TOWER,SHUT IN, OCCULT JANGLED WITH SCIENCE. pentacle polyhedrons      moon rock      star fire     ghost behaviours      nebulae formation in underground lakes                                          He encourages them to keep pushing for the sake of their own existence. Perhaps they meet him searching for the wedding mask – a symbol of ordinariness! But giving strange vibes, differently shaded. Forgotten graveyards. Tall cubic stonehouses Creatures without arms

So star’s fraternising – Tesh is just lost anyway. Might well be clumsily inconsidertae despite falling in love easily.

‘So you won’t talk about love?’ He smiled. ‘That’s so amusing. Will you talk about killing? Abuse, treating humans as something other than humans? Torture?’ His teeth began to clench together. ‘The commonality of being capable of committing atrocities… It’s all philosophy to you isn’t it? Some deep and meaningful words without basis. Slightly silly somehow. Like love.’

‘You think of yourself like a boat don’t you – if it gets ripped to shreds on the cliffs, well, all part of the game, very good.’

Basically they strap you to a cold metal table, tilt you at a 45 degree angle, and sit and watch, waiting for a reaction, regularly terrorizing each other with bits of sharpened metal dangling from sticks.


Infiltrating like Rasputin turning his strange energy to social advancement, becoming a pariah to many because of how he/she does it

enemy within, almost vewed as a traitor under suspicious, extroverted people’s gaze. cliche.  silent, lurking thing – that they discover harbours bitterness at the harbor after all that reticence.

Possesses a bitter destructive kernel. like hitler or christianity, an urge to death disguised as a creative life-encouraging urge.

Bizarre carrion-ghoul necrach, an objective scientist

Befriended by warlock/ royal adviser. secret relationship.

– Advance each other even as they try to undermine or kill each other off


from a shining black puddle, lumpy black crabs locomotored their way out.

For example, The premise is ancient races spread civilization/magic, false gods enslave man, one group of men rebel and now fight against the false gods for the freedom of all men.

Simple first premise that can be altered later if necessary, and will get richer/more believable. My own example – Old gods ousted by new(male) gods, using their divine powers to encourage new followers and aid them against the usurpers.

from a shining …

from a shining black puddle, lumpy black crabs locomotored their way out.