and starfish had to run from the leering man – the tube, the train, the street, the pub – and she woke in a grey cupboard, the sounds of a party next door.

Star bored and sickened by contsant festivals and drunkenness – same deal every time. “‘rave'”

she met the trailing-along Mein outside the Dump.

Their romance is the call to adventure
She met the wandering scally group and joined them, all of them searching together now, for different things.

Star and Mein balk at the magnitude of their new world, in different ways. Don’t think they can handle it. The pain and trauma doesn’t seem worth the magical rewards.

Many different levels they pass through

WIZARD RESIDING IN A WEIRD TOWER,SHUT IN, OCCULT JANGLED WITH SCIENCE. pentacle polyhedrons      moon rock      star fire     ghost behaviours      nebulae formation in underground lakes                                          He encourages them to keep pushing for the sake of their own existence. Perhaps they meet him searching for the wedding mask – a symbol of ordinariness! But giving strange vibes, differently shaded. Forgotten graveyards. Tall cubic stonehouses Creatures without arms

So star’s fraternising – Tesh is just lost anyway. Might well be clumsily inconsidertae despite falling in love easily.

‘So you won’t talk about love?’ He smiled. ‘That’s so amusing. Will you talk about killing? Abuse, treating humans as something other than humans? Torture?’ His teeth began to clench together. ‘The commonality of being capable of committing atrocities… It’s all philosophy to you isn’t it? Some deep and meaningful words without basis. Slightly silly somehow. Like love.’

‘You think of yourself like a boat don’t you – if it gets ripped to shreds on the cliffs, well, all part of the game, very good.’