irrepressible insurrectionist. Spaceships all together like pollen, cancerous cysts. breeding in the warmth inside. Antsoldiers clinging to colony picked up by floodwater. Watching like boys playing war. You can’t love flowers and sunsets and not sludge, worms, spiders, volcanoes, diseased whore corpses, venus and pluto.
Unkillable foe getting back up, appearing again, blind panic. Dragon through the building where I make love on the roof. Loved ones, excruciating pain   I’ll cherish your vial, I’d love to see you in the afterlife

Mushroom, pods. Blank buttons, shade-sleeping growths.

Jumble of jungle textures.

Our hero  cracks rips through the tall red plants, swamping fertile saplings.

Mike’s face, bent towards work, an everyday tiger. Mind

Close on the trail,

Prowling from a height.

His eyes narrow, wide jaw clenching.

Chest sized fronds tear like paper.

Fracas. carnage. Light-letting

All over, moths migrate, frogs leap,

Butterflies flit, still attached

The plant shoots move out in four directions,

Stretched by light