Maala – I just give up with this fucking house.

dEbt collectors with strange smile

Scene: Maala leading a richly ornamented woman into the house

Maala getting a visit from suited sharks demanding, in time, a significant portion of her wealth.

Maala always there. Hates the place, gives no good example of cleanliness. Never leaves, just sinks in it. Cats everywhere pissing and shitting. Star wants to  get away all the time, sat slumped head spinning like kafka. Tension constant, no one getting a break, an objective perspective

A whole world out there, jesus!


Starish with Tesh. Feels aroused at his originality, the effortlessness of his actions towards her. She wants more, anything, trusting him, wanting to be caught in his current. Something else, too, like disenchantment underneath, making-do.

Curse of the golden flower meets the Bosnian war.