‘Doesn’t matter what you actually *do*. It’s how you do it.

People will conjure up all kinds of shit for themselves.’

(Clearly enjoying himself to exhibit fucking another girl by the window after he’s thrown the old one out) – Well at least I take an active interest in her feelings

‘And i still manage to be objectified!’

Farm worker like Paul. Not humble because more pressure on him in his upbringing to keep at his situation, so he pushes for more variation and excitement, makes the most of his things; his gifts. Aware of the appeal he has over someone with less strength, ruggedness, real physical adventure and environmental knowledge.

Starfish takes it for granted that some men are like that. It’s manly = lots of men are like that! So do it  better

Always finds some disappointment.   One of those females with a weird sort of kind caring – suspect

Fluttery light smell of her menstruation cheered me

Mein – hey sugar, I’ll put my cock in a box and tie my hands behind my back, but stay in my life…yeh?

Tesh  lives in a lighthouse, or sails away, or dreams himself cut off from friends by sea-mist (then finds a rave scene) whereas Mein dreams of getting caught peeping on little boys. Heart inextricably attached to childhood

Corpses holding a moaning conference in moonlight. The echo translated of Zelda through my mind. Nannie Slagg.

Mein does something secretly evil to Star. What does she love? Whose is the dress? The old man + the hag  Told her to be strong and catch a disease

Misty hill dips. Crazed gardener serial killer in the village

Community of svirfnevblin – strange but physical beings, visited – by hag. In honour? In disgust?

A jester making everyone on their toes, colouring them surreal, causing the plot to unravel and guiding it monkeyily. Kiswa + Sin a strange couple who run a strange shop. Mvskett is mayor or head of the watch tower. karl/me is gravekeeper/tomb guardian/sewer chief. Mike is curiosity shop owner/smuggler Do you want it or no? Christophe runs a stall of nick nacks and repares rituals and festivities with great seriousness. I have great passion for deh nick-nacks. Andy makes sure the mushroom people are ok. He’s a farmer led off by mushroom people.into their bulbous, resonating, calm. Bayman fishes for periwinkles and gorilla-squid. She can deal with those gorilla-squid. The ressies run the farm, intuitively. Amber traumatises schoolkids and weeps silently in the middle of the night. Paul watches tv. Steve is gandalf, immortal protector of the fate of Skirt Town.