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The light… said Star. Too bright. Gotta put it out.

Meein tookthe dog outside. The sky was crisp with stars from the beginning f the universe. He could see the constellation Hydra amongst them..

He unbuttoned his fly. He always had trousers which were too tight, and fet significant relief when he undid them. His dog crapped on the ground, then ran back and forth, wagging its tail.



Thr original sith world, Korriban. Primordial, hundreds of thousands of years before the battle of Yavin. Primordial, earthily insectoid feel. Pureblood sith, the leathery faced, anntennaed, force-sensitive, ruthless creatures. Not yet connected with the rest of the galaxy.  Like a tribe, a tribe in a region of scarce resources. The Sith reveal, revel in emotions, but these Sith would be at their most nakedly ambitious, barbaric, paranoid, desperate and cruel.

Perhaps the technology could be lessened, but not completely  to an equivalent of our level. Everything steeped in magic, the occult,  random violence, bangs and subterranean wrigglings.

Nortt and Moevott

Inhuman evil, treblinka, magma grinding in sooty dark.

She walked past as he pondered this new elusive truth. Looking away. Ignoring him – she can’t have not seen him.

He closed the book and rose, a fat of irrationality taking over. She was already turning her head slightly, knew he was approaching.

Hello, how are you? he asked.

Fine thanks.

Why, why did you say that to me. Please explain. Let me understand, at least. I want to know! What have I done? Why would you make me feel that way and then leave it like that, why would you bother?

Don’t you think it’s difficult to speak about? You made me eel uncomfortable, Mein.

You fucking women… You want us to hurt you… I don’t want to hurt you! None of you treat me like a human being!

They walked up the hill, over its ridge. There were some trees on the left, and a kind of dusty path bent up another slope nearby, ascending gently up. The sun went behind a cloud perhaps as we came to this place, because the lighting seemed to darken, almost to mauve. Jeff gasped. the others looked at him.

This place, it’s like a recurring dream. I’ve seen it many times

This is very, very strange.

I don’t like it here. 


reverse therapist

lover, that knows you, you thought you knew

Fear is in the mind

Batman would hesitate in working out decisions

Paranoid, unsure, afraid of being left alone, scared to get close. Questioning himself, harshly. realistically.

Young, school age killer. Crane advises him on fear of exposure

Sees himself in the boy. Apt Pupil.

Sunny busy fear