A new government programme to make better use of prisoners sees the Joker being employed on a community empowerment programme. Here he gains access to various buildings and artistic supplies and sets about on a series of harmless but illegal and society-taunting pranks, such as painting police stations pink, strategically placing mirrors on major motorway intersections and replacing the facesof politicians on advertising boards with those of warring insect invaders from another galaxy. Batman has been investigating child murders, and, enraged at the distraction, hunts him down.  With desperate neurotic grin retorts to enraged Batman, All so boring!! (not funny)

chases him as joker flees, leaving a trail of stolen bouquets, to a chemical processing plant, where he falls into a sluice. His body isn’t recoverd.

Panel focussing on a demented clown covered in chemical waste once again, emerging from a back pipe in a forest lake. The Joker stands erect, grinning in surprise under the starlight, a young girl’s legs parted in front of him, pallid, and horrifically mutilated.

caption:Hahhaha now THAT’s funny

For the rest of the issue Joker decides to change tack slightly and become a creepy paedophile stalker.

\joker comfortable with feet in the air, toying with obscured captive with a knife, and maybe sexually threatening. Can’t be bothered, he concludes, beginning the story.