rip into cerebellum
I love women’s pain and fear
schizophrenic’s echo voice                                u don’t do anything
FOREST creepy it’s (ill)(tin)(try)
so focussed can’t remember reality of perch        dropout
dick melt explosively                        widow no longer in control
Theme                                    silence golden
satanism a reaction of christianity, like lust for murder, its all a reaction to its being taboo, they want to drive us to fuck up
when you actually meet him go to the (soil) and o BAYa, augh        how wide can a jaw go
bouncy shoes        (line) black apples
rag up lady young man bites open
spongy web forest    judderman                        tie up      I like you
4 yrold    love    line
murderer or rapist revels in it now finds it gone and mourns the loss of his life ‘I want my life back’
fox in hole shared by lion   jumps out of hole to grab (other) fox   distraction       block and duck   uppercut under arm
geometry maths dehumanised incarnation of facts robotised passive, no individual thought (hard times Dickens)
darling, come, we must have words.
Dance with me in the moonlight,
When your Sun is gone,
You will not dance for long.
lovey dovey weak        passion not        don’t need pidge        cannot decry – without would be boring and escape E’s interest        cowardly silent about Gelf <–> perversion    difficult of absence of E return to cold and at first shivering intent        diaphanous very light easy to see through         calliope chin whap
throwaway, rotting – what they don’t understand