just watched gots again, thinkin of its influence on the matric. made me realise, what i do – ponder ideas rather than character -isn’t as bad as i thought. We need to come up with one applicable idea.

I been thinking about baldur. the structure usually is ‘i need someone to solve a problem for me, I do find someone who can but they want something in return, complicating things.’ And at that stage, and even at the finding helpful person stage, we can throw in obstacles. it doesn’t just expand the plot but the environment and chances for characterisation too. I’ll help you get to the fire of mordor but you have to go through cirith ungol first. And simply put up with gollum! Aragorn i’ll help you in the last battle but you have to free me from undeath – will he do that, or sneakily betray them? All reveals character.

Might seem cheesy but you could compliment him? Say you love his words or style and it’d be nice to get a reminder. You know what I mean?

Has to be a gnome cos they’re sorta jewlike, fairylike, but also quite ambiguous what they actually are, not heroic, not something a nerd would project his insecure idea onto, they’re just kind of irritating, pointless, contaminating with rubbishness to people just existing and I like that.


reading a book on creative writing and I do seem to be doing what it suggests. just not enough, but i know why. so hooray

The voodoo gigolo screamed, and throttled the paedo jew. Paedo jew grabbed a hardback of ‘my first shabbat’ and cunted vooodoo in the lips with it. The winery manager sighed and rearranged the magnolias

You know what, reading nietzche made me want weird bold new characters in my d+d story

Have you ever thought about imagingin your own Creation, and the birth of the gods and their story? Like Silmarillion or your dream about a world dying, becomign stars and forming a roaming being who creates another world anew. as the dist settles on a fresh universe, with newly born divine creatures, how do thigns play out? How do these unhuman beings go about existence and relate to each other. gets you thinking big picture, you could do away with anything in the real world that seems limiting, have your green world, whatever. I spose personally I’d draw upon what i started to learn of the womblike void, the hermaphrodite original creator etc, the mystery of Something following Nothing

Well shamans play around with gender yeah. they soemtimes change over entirely, they go on journeys outside their self, they merge with their anima and gain powers from the other side

Wintermuse – Well prehistoric cultures wouldn’t have capitalism selling them profitable ideas, wouldn’t have tv/media, be focussed on survival and instinct more than abstractions, and have small self contained cultures – i’d have thought that gender would evidently be more fluid. I imagine a quivering flower blooming when a fat brick is removed, his genitals become something that can morph and change at will and don’t define him. Maybe he went on a shamanic trip where he sees the vision of himself emerge as a barely physical flower from under a brick – he can speak to a gender bending shaman – maybe he’d fallen unconscious! Then returns to the world transformed!

So our scientist with his experiment threw his soul backwards into communion with a primitive shaman. Starting in a … setting in the modern world. Maybe away from civilisation at first.

We could have a genital crushing scene, definetely. MAybe as a sacrifice to the dark Goddess. Or instead of blacking out he goes down on someone, or blacks out when sandwiched in a conga line of sodomy