She wanders with the dress she never wears on her arm. Mother is a thorn in her side. Doesn’t like mein but doesn’t particularly get in the way. Just condescends . very generous of spirit with friends, in contrast. She desperately wants the circus.

sTARFISH pushing the carnies to lose their sense of themeselves, completely freaking out. She has already lost the plot, though her delusion of being a shamanic messiah seemed to be coming true. The forest is being set alight, people fuck in consensually ambiguous heaps, using in their sex games wire, protruding branches, smashed glass and rocks, stirred on to feats of stamina and eye popping mental stimulation as they shriek, rip and headbutt each other, bone showing under the skin of knees andsmiling faces.  One man sits on his severed genitals in a bloody mix of leaves, insects and mud.

The arrival of the heavily armoured, blaclavvaed police strips away the last shreds of reason. The ground shakes, the air shimmers, the evil one staggers goat like from adark pit of flesh. All weep as He does, they embrace, chill, shuddering, under a bright moon. Satan takes them into the atmosphere, the floor rushing away, the chill icnreasing. Involuntary tears stream from eyeballs. In a torrent of fairy dust, all were swept away to Planet X.

Only one young lady squats still beside a tree, eyes squeezed shut, mouth slowly widening in disbelief.



I want to make your pussy come alive, mein said. her eyes sparkled a tiny little bit, her mouth turned up at the edges a little. Will you help me?

He storms about on his own. yes I’m nobody but I don’t want anyone or anything but you. Surely that says somethign about me, cos you’re a rare treasure.